De Zee – restaurant review

I went on a short vacation to Terschelling, one of the Dutch islands. Not only is it beautiful, but they’ve got some great fish, too. Our favorite restaurant was ‘De Zee’ (the sea), we ate there three nights in a row and we would have done five if they hadn’t been closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The food was perfect, the people sweet and the place very cute. Here’s what we had.

Barely fried tuna in a herb crust – one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I know we’re not supposed to eat tuna anymore, but when it’s prepared like this I have great, great difficulty resisting. The crisp, flavorful crust and that perfect raw tuna inside, oh man… They claimed it was caught responsibly. The most surprising element were the fennel seeds, a very nice touch. Oh and the beans were perfect too.

Of course, when you go to the islands, you have the local specialty: lamb. The lamb and the beets were perfectly done, as were the rosemary potatoes.

The homemade ‘tiramisu’ packed on the summer pounds beautifully.

Scottish pig

Black beans & dry rub ribs

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