Squid with persillade

This was probably the best squid I ever made. Chop your squid into pieces and add them to a mighty hot, oiled pan. Make sure the squid is dry before you toss it in, it will still release a lot of juice. Toss around until golden. You don’t want this process to take longer than a minute or two, or your squid will get tough, so your pan has te be really, really hot. You might have to drain some of the juice while you cook it. When almost done, toss in the persillade for a second and you’re done. Persillade is a bunch of superfinely minced garlic, lots and lots of parsley, and some lemon juice. You can add salt to taste. It’s great with prawns and other seafood as well. DELICIOUS! Eat with crusty white bread or rice.

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