Gartine – restaurant review

Gartine really doesn’t need another great review, it’s all they get, but I still know a lot of people who have never heard of the place, so I’m giving them one anyway. It’s a tiny French-style lunch room in the middle of downtown Amsterdam (next to Het Spui), and it’s probably my number one, favorite place to eat in this town. The owners are a couple that work the place themselves, and they’re closed two days a week to tend to their garden, where they collect most of the ingredients they work with, some of which are ancient and rare. Everything here is homemade, and everything is delicious. They also have a great selection of teas. Some of the wonderful things I’ve had here over time: grilled onion-Gruyere sandwich, banana-fig smoothie, French toast with pear jam, and an amazing high tea. A lot of their recipes have been written down and published in their cookbook. It’s a gorgeous book, I’ve made their lemon cupcakes from it and they were much, much appreciated. If you’re ever in Amsterdam, go! Just don’t try to get in without calling on afternoons or weekends, as they’re usually booked solid.

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